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Lee Wastler Trainer
When your teaching your dog to walk on a leash and he or she pulls you like a race car it can be frustrating. So here's what ya do.....

When walking your dog on a leash remember to teach with money...... Like hot dog chunks or chicken. Use the treats to teach your dog to keep their eyes on you. Reward them everytime they look at you. Next keep them guessing when walking. When you see them start to pull stop and switch directions. After a while they will get it. Your dog will know that if they want to walk they must keep their attention on you and they will stay beside you without pulling. For more information give me a call. I'll be glad to help.
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Coming very soon! On 5-4-2017 our website should be complete. And then.....We will be uploading short instructional videos by our Trainers. We hope you will enjoy and get great training tips for your pups. Thanks!!!