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2BK9 LLC is a Family owned and operated business. We are certified dog trainers and groomers also Canine Adoption Counseling, Dog Psychology, sitting, walking and grooming and more. We use modern, proven, positive reinforcement grooming & training methods. We are a NO PAIN & NO FEAR Company. We have had family pets of our own and still do! We understand that your pet is your family. Just as our pets are our family. So when you let us train your pet it is a huge deal for us and we are honored. We treat your pets as family members .... And we're proud that you allow us with your family.

If you have an emergency, question about your dog, or any concerns please contact your local veterinarian. 2BK9 LLC only work in Canine Training. By using our services you hold 2BK9 LLC and all it's employees and volunteers harmless.

Thank you very much for your trust and friendship!

Lee Wastler - PDTAA / ACB



Kathleen Wolf reviewed Dog Trainers 2BK9 LLC — 5 star
March 27 at 5:04pm ·

Awesome Lee is great with my dog. She's a husky and ahhh she is such a hand full and I see a turn around in the first three weeks recommend him to anyone!!!!

Jeanine Chesney-Strittmatter reviewed Dog Trainers 2BK9 LLC — 5 star
March 16 ·

Lee and Carol are amazing with our dogs...Carol grooms Harley every 6 - 8 weeks and does her nails...beautiful job and Harley just loves her !!! Thank u !!

Lisa Petrecca reviewed Dog Trainers 2BK9 LLC — 5 star
August 27, 2017 ·

We absolutely love the attention, care, skill, and knowledge shared by 2BK9. They are truly a pet concierge with such a variety of services that can be utilized individually or collectively. Being new to the area, 2BK9 assists us with training tips for our German Shepherd handful to patience for our 13-year-old, 4-1/2 pound grouchy old gal's beautification. They also are doing K9 sleepovers allowing my hubby and I to have a weekend getaway without our K9 girlie squad. We highly recommend 2BK9 to anyone. You might be surprised at what they have to offer and how affordable it is.

Nicole Crawford recommended Dog Trainers 2BK9 LLC.
12 hrs ·

They are good pple to work with they have help me out in So many ways thank u so much lee and Carol AndLee Wastler

Ann C. Rated 2BK9 LLC

Found 2bk9 on google and here on yellowpages. I gave them a call about my 2 dogs and I'm so glad I did. Very professional, treated me like a long time friend, made me feel very comfortable training my dog when they were not here, and my dogs are very well behaved. Great job.

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Great News! Our Billing services have been solved and fixed! Now things can go back to normal.
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5 ways to calm dog storm anxietyGive your dog a safe space. Provide a safe indoor area, like a crate. ...Distract your dog. If your dog is afraid of thunder, play calming music to drown out the thunder claps. ...Prepare for the next storm. ...Check out products that may help your dog weather the sto... more
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Obedience training helps your pet learn his role in your family and in the world. It will teach him the skills he needs to interact with other dogs and with the people inside and outside your home. Puppy training is the first step to teaching healthy behaviors and avoiding negative ones. Often, dogs... more
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carol wastler Groomer
Recently, I had a client who's dog's teeth were covered in her hair. It was tangled around her teeth pushing back gums and causing her pain. Please, make sure your checking your dogs teeth. Sore gums, bad teeth, and even hair caught in them can cause your dog all kinds of health as well as behavi... more
carol wastler Groomer
We still find lots of posts on facebook about missing or found pets. Most of these are probably due to thunder storms or fireworks. Please if you know there's going to be anything going on keep your dog in the house and possibly crate them to be safe. Many dogs have fear of loud noises and when t... more
carol wastler Groomer
If your dog is protective of you around other dogs and people, your dog may not see you as the pack leader. They need to feel safe to be calm. If you have this problem we can help. Call us today.
carol wastler Groomer
It's hot out there. Dog's don't sweat, they pant to cool off. They can get heat exhaustion very fast. Keep them cool, and provide plenty of water. Have a wonderful day.
carol wastler Groomer
Patience is what you need when training an unruly or difficult breed of dog. It may take a little longer, but they will get it. Some breeds are people pleasers. Some breeds just plain have a mind of their own and will listen only when they want to. Don't give up. He or she is just as much apart... more
carol wastler Groomer
Go check out our facebook page, and see what we've been doing for the last month.
carol wastler Groomer
Have you ever looked at the ingredients on a bag of dog food? All dog food companies have to list the ingredients from most to least in the formula. Make sure your food starts with a meat meal. If it starts with wheat, soy, or corn, then you can bet your feed is made up of mostly that ingredient.... more
2BK9 LLC is dedicated to your dog's welfare and safety. We are a NO PAIN & NO FEAR Pet Service Company. We offer many different services from Behavior, Training, Sitting / Walking to Grooming. We also offer PEMF Therapy Mats for pets. *By Joining our website you agree to all terms and conditions. 2BK9 LLC reserves the right to block or delete any account at any time. Please use common sense and be polite. Thank You.

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